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MAJESTY CUP, an event for all freeskiers to participate
The annual jump and jib competition, now in its 8th year!
The items are small jumps and easy jib items.
The items are small jumps and easy jib items, which can be used by beginners and kids without any resistance.
The show is also for high level riders to see how far they can push themselves on the given items.

On Saturday, there will be a photo session for each rider team and a jam session with no categories.
In the first half of the day, the riders were divided into teams for photo sessions in the special park and the main park.
Professional photographers will be on hand to take photos that you will want to share with others.
The second half is a jam session in the special park with all participants.
A point system will be used to hand out stickers to the judges for their aggravating performances.
You can do clean tricks.
You can try something you've never done before.
You can try a fancy fall.
You can try a costume.
You can do a microphone performance.
Stand out, play by the rules, and have fun!

On Sunday, we will have our popular annual age categories.
Men's Young - 15 years old
Men's Middle 16-40 years old
Men's Master 40 and up
Women's Young 15 years old
Women's Middle 16-40 years old
Women Senior 40 years old and up
Note: Age groups are subject to change depending on the number of participants on the day of the event.
Note: Skiers supported by manufacturers will be placed in the Rider category.

Judging will be done according to international standards (FIS).
MAJESTY skis will be the prize for the best skiers!

In conjunction with the event, test rides will be held on both Saturday and Sunday.
Twin-tip skis will be on display, with a focus on Majesty skis.
Anyone with ID on the day of the event is welcome to participate (free of charge, registration on the day of the event only).

A professional photographer will be on hand on both days to take pictures of you in all your glory.
The data will be made public at a later date.
You are free to use the data as you like.

■Event Summary
Date: Saturday, March 25 and Sunday, March 26, 2023
Location: Special venue at Kandatsu Snow Resort
Organizer:Dream Gate Inc.
Contents:Jump and jib competition using easy items

Time Schedule
March 25 (Saturday)
10:00-15:00 Trial Ride focusing on twin tip
8:00 - 8:50 Registration (near the entrance on the 1st floor of the Grand Base)
9:00~9:45 Warm-up
9:45-10:00 Opening Ceremony (at the competition site)
10:00-10:30 Team photo session (special park)
10:30-12:30 Team photo session (main park)
13:30~14:30 Jam Session
15:00-15:30 Awards Ceremony (competition site)

Judges' System:.
Alternate Judge System
Point system for tricks that judges like

March 26 (Sun.)
10:00-14:30 Trial Ride with focus on twin tip
8:00~8:50 Registration (near the entrance on the 1st floor of the Grand Base)
9:00~9:45 Warm-up
9:45-10:00 Opening Ceremony (at the competition site)
10:00-10:30 Qualifying Jam Session 1)
10:45~11:15 Jam Session for Preliminary Round (2)
11:30~12:00 Preliminary Jam Session (3)
13:00~14:30 Final
15:00-15:30 Awards Ceremony (at the competition site)

Men's Young, Middle, Master
Women's Young, Middle, Master

Judging System
FIS (International Standard) compliant
Point system based on jump and jib rankings

Guest Riders
Seiba Ogawa

Guest Rider & Judge
Toji Hakata (MAJESTY, TEMPLETON, F.JANCK, Ski Shop VAIL, SNOVA Shin-Yokohama)
Kota Kumaki (SNOVA Shin-Yokohama)
Yu YONEYA (Arc Communications ski team, Volkl, Dalbello, Marker, komperdell, Matsuoka Gloves)

Kent Sonoda (ENLINKS)
Shumpei Yasuda

Eligibility: All participants must be

Capacity: Up to 30 people on both days
Up to 30 participants on both days

Pre-registration period
Thursday, March 23, 13:00
(If the number of participants does not reach the limit, applications will be accepted on the day of the event.)

Participation fee: 6000 yen for Saturday, 6000 yen for Sunday, and 10,000 yen for both days.
Saturday: 6,000 yen, Sunday: 6,000 yen, both days: 10,000 yen
(Please make sure to bring change.) *Lift tickets are not included.
Lift tickets are not included.

Application Method
Accepted by E-MAIL or at stores

Subject:Application for the 8th MAJESTY CUP
(1) Name, address, telephone number, sex, age
Date of participation (both days, 3/25(Sat.) and 3/26(Sun.))

We will reply to you after confirmation.
If you do not receive a reply or have any questions, please call us.

Payment, Refund and Cancellation
Please pay the entry fee at the registration desk on the day of the event.
No refunds will be made after payment has been made.
In principle, no cancellation fee will be charged.
If you need to cancel, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

For inquiries, please contact
FJANCK 2F Receptionist Kato
2-2-6 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0052
tel: 03-3259-2068
E-MAIL: mail@f-janck.com

Requests and cooperation for countermeasures against new coronavirus infection
1. Cooperation in hand hygiene (alcohol disinfection and hand washing).
2 Wear masks and face masks to prevent the spread of droplet infection.
3 Please take your temperature on the day of the event.
4 In the event of a new coronavirus infection within two weeks of the event, please report to the organizers immediately whether or not you have had any close contacts with the virus.
5. The presence or absence of any of the following two weeks prior to the event: ・Fever above normal.
Fever above normal. (Fever above normal (generally 37.5 degrees Celsius or above)
Cough, sore throat, or other symptoms of a cold, as well as abnormal hearing or taste.
Have you been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for novel coronavirus infection?
If there is a family member living with the patient or a close acquaintance who is suspected to be infected.
Travel to a country or region where the government has imposed entry restrictions or a post-entry observation period within the past 14 days, or have been in close contact with a person residing in such a country or region.
6 Those who have fever, cold, or other symptoms are not allowed to participate.

All participants are responsible for any accidents that may occur during the event, and shall not hold the organizers, cooperating organizations, or sponsors responsible for any accidents that may occur.
Participants must abide by all the rules and regulations of the event.
The organizers reserve all rights of portrait rights related to this event.
No refund of entry fees will be requested under any circumstances.

Please note that the schedule may be subject to change due to various reasons. Please understand that the schedule may be changed due to various reasons.