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From basic introductory courses to racing programs
INOUE K2 Pro Ski School
(Basic Skiing)
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Ski beginners (elementary school age and up)
・Looking for a ski school for under elementary school students
・Want to learn to ski one-on-one
・Want to compete in technical competitions
・Want to prepare for the SAJ classified examinations
Certified by the Japan Professional Ski Teachers Association, INOUE K2 Pro Ski School offers a wide range of courses from basic introductory courses to racing programs. Produced by Michi Inoue, a professional skier with over 40 years of experience in ski instruction, our lesson programs will guide you on a shortcut to progress.
We also offer a variety of special lessons, as well as special snowboard lessons on "carving turns" and "bumps and slopes. We look forward to welcoming you to our school this season.
Those who want to learn world-class techniques and theories by Olympic athletes.
Kandatsu Fusion Bump School
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-Mogul oriented
-Want to ski the bumps reasonably
-Want to learn theory from former Olympians and current athletes
This lesson program is supervised by Nobuyuki Nishi, who has been a member of the Japanese national team in freestyle ski mogul competitions for about 16 years and competed in three consecutive Olympic Games from Vancouver to the Pyeongchang Olympics. This theory is an "eye-opener" not only for mogul-oriented skiers, but also for basic skiers who want to ski bumps rationally!
Nishi and other active demonstrators and mogul athletes who have a deep understanding of this theory are on hand to instruct in an easy-to-understand manner.
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Want to learn the joys of snowboarding?
(Basic Snowboarding)
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・MOTION GRAVITYを駆使した最先端レッスンを体感したい
R-LABO's scenario training makes snowboarding "fun".
We offer a variety of ways to play with various controls without being bound by the definition of a turn. By training with the R-LABO crew, you will be able to create your own snowboard based on the experiences you gain from the lessons!
Ski & Snowboard
Freestyle School by Kamidate Snow Academy
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We offer new ways to enjoy skiing such as flying in the park on skis and snowboards, scrubbing jib items, playing on the terrain, and skiing backwards.
We offer special weekend camps, family lessons, junior lessons, student discount services, weekday lesson coupons, and a variety of other services and lesson programs that allow children and adults to improve their skills while having fun.
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フリースタイルスノーボードスクールとして、グラトリ&地形遊びやキッカー&ジブを初級者から上級者まで、より安全に楽しんで頂けるようDIAMOND FREESTYLE SNOWBOARD SCHOOLが開校致しました! 国内最大級の大会出場を果たし、日本トップビデオチームでの活躍のみならず、TV番組やCMにも出演経験があり、神立スノーリゾートアンバサダーも務める平田巧が、プロコーチ達を率いて初級者でも初めてのパークに安全にチャレンジできる方法を伝授!
Those who want to enjoy the resort slopes to the fullest
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I want to go empty-handed and leave everything to you and enjoy
・I want to experience/give the perfect service
The most exclusive snowboarding lesson ever!
We offer a full range of services to make you feel safe, secure, improve, have fun, heal, and make memories all throughout the day. We will provide you with a full range of services to make you feel safe, improve your skills, have fun, heal, and create memories throughout the day.
We want you to enjoy the resort slopes to the fullest!
For you, the world's first! This is the world's first! It is a safe and reliable support lesson that always takes your hand.