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Infection Control

Kandatsu Snow Resort has implemented the following measures to ensure the health and safety of our guests and employees.

Basic Policy on Countermeasures against Infectious Diseases


■Wearing masks
For the health and safety of our staff, masks will be worn.
Ventilation of the building
We will strive to ventilate the bus and each facility by air conditioning and opening windows/doors.

Cleaning and disinfection
We will reinforce disinfection of common areas in the building. Staff will perform cleaning and disinfection as needed.

Avoidance of three -tightness
We have installed guide boards and distance markers throughout the building to indicate the avoidance of the three densities. In addition, depending on the situation, staff and announcements will guide visitors to seats and spaces with ample space.

■ Number of users limit
The number of visitors to the bathhouse, restaurants, and lift rides will be reduced to avoid "crowding". (e.g., a tent for one person will be set up in a large room for napping, etc.)

sanitary facilities


■ Installation of acrylic panels
Transparent acrylic panels are installed at each counter and seating area.
Installation of disinfectant solution
Disinfectant alcohol sprays are installed throughout the building. The disinfectant solution is mainly a sensor-type non-contact disinfectant solution that can be disinfected by simply holding your hand over the spray without touching the spray button.
Installation of temperature sensing equipment at entrances and exits
Non-contact temperature sensing machines have been installed at the entrances and exits of the building. By simply standing in front of the device and taking a picture, the machine automatically detects whether a mask is being worn and the body temperature. If the body temperature is above the prescribed level, a warning tone will sound. Please follow the guidance of the temperature monitoring staff when the warning tone sounds.
Strengthening of web sales
At Kandatsu, it is possible to purchase lift tickets on the web and have them issued by an automatic ticketing machine based on the payment information. By having customers pay online in advance, we aim to decentralize the ticket counters, which tend to be "crowded" even within ski resort facilities.
https://kandatsu.skilipaca.com/ (lift ticket web sales site)
Enhancement of electronic payment
More electronic payment terminals have been installed at various counters. We promote the use of credit cards and pay-per-use payment methods, and take care to prevent the chain of infection through the transmission of "physical goods" as much as possible.

Staff Measures


Conducting temperature check s
Staff members take their temperatures before work. Staff members take their temperatures before work to ensure that they are in good physical condition before providing services. Staff also wash their hands and disinfect their fingers as needed.

■Distribution of rest areas
In light of past cases of infection in Japan that occurred in clusters in break areas at workplaces, break rooms are separated by section to prevent clusters from occurring through the transmission of "space" and "objects" as much as possible.
Reduction of staff dormitory common room
In staff dormitories, we will reduce the number of public spaces (common rooms, etc.) used by dorm residents and encourage each staff member to live in his/her own private room.
Guidance for staff eating and drinking
In order to avoid the three-crowded dormitory, the employee cafeteria, which is originally utilized, will be reduced in size. We have adjusted the distribution of meals for staff to mainly lunchboxes to reduce the opportunities for staff to gather together.

Request for Customers' Cooperation


Please check your physical condition before coming to the event and refrain from coming if you have any of the following symptoms.

  • Those who have a fever. Even if you do not have a fever on the day of your visit, you must have had a fever in the past.
  • Fatigue (lethargy), dyspnea (breathlessness)
  • Those with various symptoms reminiscent of the common cold


In addition, all visitors are requested to take the following measures


social distance

To avoid three-density, information boards and distance guide markers are placed throughout the museum. In addition, our staff may provide guidance. Please avoid crowding, close proximity, and hermetic sealing.


wearing a mask

Please wear a mask properly covering your mouth and nose, and pay attention to coughing etiquette. Please be careful to avoid droplet infection by covering yourself with tissues or the sleeves of your clothes in case of emergencies.


hand sanitizer

Disinfectant solution is available throughout the building. Please disinfect frequently when visiting or using the facilities.

The sanitary measures of Kandatsu Snow Resort are based on the "New Lifestyle" ( Government of Japan Public Relations: https://www.gov-online.go.jp/tokusyu/newlifestyle/index.html ) and the "Guidelines for the Prevention of New Type Coronavirus Infections in Cableway Operations" ( https://www.gov-online.go.jp/tokusyu/newlifestyle/index.html ), "Guidelines for the Prevention of New Type Coronavirus Infections in Cableway Operations" ( http://www.nikokyo.or.jp/pdf/corona_guideline_20200925.pdf ), "Prevention of Infection and Prevention of the Spread of Infections, Including the Mack-Earth New Type Coronavirus" (https://www.macearthgroup.jp/news/1057/ ).

We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring the safety and security of all our customers.